Monday, July 7, 2008

What I can't do another Alan can!

Alan Eggleston on opera's Alan Eggleston

I'm not musical in the least. I can carry a tune, but I can't remember the lyrics and I get too caught up in the sentiment of the lyrics to hold the tune for very long. So being in a choir or any kind of musical event was always out for me. You can imagine how amazed I was when I discovered through my Google Web Alert that there is an Alan Eggleston who can carry a tune.

Turns out there was an Alan Eggleston at Indiana University's Jacob School of Music during the academic years 1985-1988, and he appeared in some of the school's operatic productions.

I don't know how good he was, but he must have been fairly good because he is credited with roles in five operas:
  • Franciso, Court Gentleman in The Tempest
  • Antonio in The Marriage of Figaro
  • The Buffoon in The Legend of Tsar Sultan
  • Hobson in Peter Grimes
  • Satyr, god of the woods in L'Orfeo

Just goes to show, what I can't do another Alan can!

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