Monday, July 7, 2008

Who am I?

Alan Eggleston on Alan Eggleston

There are at least a dozen men in the world who go by the name Alan Eggleston. There is a senator in Australia, a wrangler out West, and financier out East. I am a writer and editor who lives and works smack dab in the middle, in Michigan.

On a whim I did a Google Web Alert on my name and at least once a week -- often more frequently -- I get a report on someone or something about an Eggleston, sometimes an Alan Eggleston, who shows up on a Web page. I'll do my best to tell you about the Alans and any of the occasionally interesting other Egglestons worth bragging about.

But this page isn't just about me or my name. It's also about the profession I love, which is writing and editing. I'll write about it, too. One of the things I like to do is hang out on LinkedIn, the professional networking site. I like to ask and answer questions there and I will likely expand on them here as I mentor other writers, editors, and Web professionals. What's the good of knowing something if you can't share it with others. I believe in lifelong learning -- all aspects of it.

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